Is Tick Spray Safe for Pets?

Is Tick Spray for My Yard Safe for Pets?

A common question that I get about tick spray applications for your yard is whether or not it is safe for pets. In the case of the product that we use the answer is a resounding YES! We have a firm understanding about the importance that pets hold in our lives. We want them to be safe from tick borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis because they are part of our families, and their health is important to us.

The hard thing about having a pet that has been bit by an infected tick is that the symptoms are hard to determine (they can’t really tell us how they feel), and most of the time the symptoms are non-existent. The best way to prevent our pets from getting bit is to take the proper precautions in our yards. Reducing tick habitat such as leaf litter and underbrush, in conjunction with tick spray applications, is critical to reducing the interactions with ticks and pets. Another important action to take is to do tick checks. Some of the common places that ticks hide on pets is under the collar, inside the ears, near the eyelids, around “private areas”, and between the toes. Much like on a human, the ticks are looking for warm, moist spots that are safe and allows them to have a blood meal.

Fencing is also something to consider when dealing with the tick issue. Keeping your pets out of untreated areas is the most effective way to reduce the risk. When we do a tick spray application, we do what is called a perimeter spray. We apply the product using mist blowers to area about 20 feet in width into the wood line. If the fence stops away from the wood line and in mainly on the lawn, it ensures that they stay in the treated buffer zone. When walking your dog away in areas that are not treated, be sure to stay in the middle of the path as much as possible and try to stick to trails that are paved, have wood chips, or gravel.

After we perform the application the product needs an hour to dry. After that you are free to re-enter the area and enjoy your yard! Tick spray applications are an essential weapon in reducing the tick encounters on your property. Using a product that is both safe for your pets, and effective is something that Greener Grounds Tick Control is proud to offer!

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