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Natural Tick & Mosquito Control

Protection against tick and mosquito-born illnesses that is safe for people, pets and the environment!

Natural, safe, and effective!

Tick & Mosquito Control

You can rest easy knowing that we are offering a first line protection against tick and mosquito born illnesses without detrimental pesticides to keep your family, pets, and local environment safe.

We offer natural tick and mosquito control made from organic materials that is a safe alternative to harmful synthetic pesticides. You can rest easy knowing that you are offering a first line protection against tick and mosquito born illnesses that is not harmful to your family, your pets, or the environment. Each application provides 4-6 weeks of ongoing protection for your property against the threat of ticks, and 2-4weeks for mosquitos. We also offer plans for your property to reduce tick and mosquito impact using landscaping techniques and features.


Single Spray Application: $149 per 1/2 acre or less, $219 1⁄2 acre to 1 acre, over 1 acre is estimated per job.

Spruce-Applications every 8 weeks: $139 per 1/2 acre or less, $179 1⁄2 acre to 1 acre, over 1 acre is estimated per job

Pine-Applications every 6 weeks: $109 per half acre or less, $159 1⁄2 acre to 1 acre, over 1 acre is estimated per job.

                 Hemlock-Applications every 4 weeks: $99 per half acre or less, $139 1/2 acre to 1 acre, over 1 acre estimated per job.

Spring Applications: Springtime in Maine when nymph ticks are at their peak activity level. Their requirement for two blood meals to grow into adults puts people and pets at the highest risk of bite potential of the season.

Summer Applications: We are targeting adult ticks this time of year. Reducing the number of adult ticks is critical in reducing the overall breeding population going into the fall.

Fall Applications: The Fall spray is targeting adult ticks that are pregnant. Our spray dissolves tick eggs and kills on contact to help reduce the tick outbreak for the following spring.

Our tick and mosquito applications are done with a high pressured spray system that disturbs leaf litter, infiltrates crack and crevices in rock walls and wood piles, as well as hard to reach places under shrubs and tall grasses.

All contracts will have to be signed prior to spray applications per Maine State Law.


Midcoast Maine has one of the highest rates of Lyme Disease in the country!

The vector of Lyme Disease is most commonly the white footed mouse. They, along with other rodents, carry the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. which is then transferred from the tick to humans and their pets.


According to the CDC there are 300,000 reported cases of Lyme Disease each year!



Mosquitos are becoming more than just a nuisance pest for Maine residents. Although not all mosquito borne illnesses have been recorded in Maine, it is important to educate yourself on them to protect your family.


There are several mosquito borne illnesses such as: Dengue, Chikungunya, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, and Zika. Both West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis have been reported in Maine.


Mosquitoes are active at dusk and dawn, are most active at 80°F and do not function below 50°F.


June is generally considered the month for woodland mosquitoes except in wet years when the season may be prolonged.


Deer Resistant Plantings: https://www.maine.gov/dacf/php/pesticides/yardscaping/plants/swcdplants/deer_resistant_plants.pdf


What is in the product that you use? The product that we use is made of natural ingredients that is minimum risk 25b exempt from FIFRA registration. It consists of cedar oil, peppermint oil and guava fruit extract. For product label and additional information please email evan@greenertickcontrol.com

Does the spray kill bees? No, the product has been tested on bees, butterflies and earthworms without negative consequences. There are many other beneficial insects in the environment that we have educated ourselves on how to have the least impact on their populations.

What spray programs do you offer? We offer 3 programs. The most effective program is the Hemlock Program- applications every 4 weeks. Pine Program-every 6 weeks. Spruce Program every 8 weeks. The product is most effective up to 4 weeks. During the free consultation we will discuss which program is best suited for your property. We spray from around the 1st of May through November 30th, weather permitting. We do not spray during winter months.

Do you offer single spray applications for events? Yes! Please call 390-5628 for a free consultation.

Do you spray in the rain? No, we do not spray when it is raining. As soon as the product dries(about 45 minutes) it doesn’t matter if it rains 10 minutes later, 1 hour later or a week later, the product has adhered to the plant surfaces. What does matter is each rainfall contributes to the product becoming less effective over time given the nature of the product is to not have long term negative effects.
I have a well, is that a problem? There are no concerns in regards to ground water contamination. The microbes and bacteria in the soil break down the product. Unlike synthetic chemicals it is not designed to last longer and provide systemic benefits.
How can I help reduce the population and protect my property? There are several actions that you can take to help with tick control. Cleaning up leaf litter, lifting low hanging branches on trees that line the lawn, remove any wood/brush piles, and move bird feeders away from living spaces.

Do the spray applications eliminate the ticks and mosquitos? No, we are trying to control the population and complete elimination is not feasible. We are looking for an 80% reduction in the population of ticks on your property.
Do you spray the lawn? Typically, the lawn is a safe place for your family. A well-kept lawn is not a place that ticks will typically congregate. We spray the perimeter lines of the property where the woods meet the lawn, around the house and outbuildings, wood piles, shrubs, rock walls,

Is the consultation free? Yes! We will come to your property and spend some time going over what we will do to reduce the tick and mosquito population as well as what you can do to help yourself.
Do I have to sign a contract? Yes. Per State law a contract must be signed before applications can commence. We spray on a schedule either every 4, 6 or 8 weeks depending on the needs of the property. Applications begin around May 1st and end November 30th.


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