Spraying is the Best Yard Treatment for Ticks

Choosing the best yard treatment for ticks is an important decision to protect your family and pets.  As the threat of tick-borne illnesses increases here in the Midcoast, it is important to know your options for making your yard a safe place for you and your family. Spraying your yard for ticks with a natural, effective pesticide is critical weapon in the fight to take our yards back. Greener Grounds Tick Control uses proven methods to target ticks using products made from organic materials to safely, and effectively, reduce the tick population on your property.

What is a Tick Spray Application?

Using the best and most effective equipment on the market, we do what is called a perimeter tick spray application. By focusing on the area where the grass meets the wood line, we maximize the amount of ticks that will be killed with the treatment. In most cases, the largest problem is on the wood line because that is the main habitat for deer ticks. Leaf litter and low-lying brush/brambles are the main habitat for deer ticks, with the lion’s share of the ticks hanging out in the immediate edge of the woods. Using high powered backpack mist blowers, we are able to get uniform coverage, as well as disturb and turn over leaf litter, exposing the ticks and tick nests to the spray. We also spray any type of structure that will harbor ticks or rodents such as wood piles, rock walls, perennial gardens and shrubs. Because ticks won’t move more than 10 feet away from where they are hatched (unless they find a ride), by spraying the first 20 feet into the wood line we are essentially creating a bubble of protection around your yard. The most effective spray program is a consistent spray program from spring through the fall every 4 weeks. The applications are done using methods to reduce impact on pollinators, and our product has been proven safe for bees, butterflies and earthworms!

The Process

At Greener Grounds Tick Control, we are not just offering a tick spray application service, but we also educate the homeowner on what they can do to reduce the tick population on their property. We walk the property with the homeowner and discuss what they can do to help prevent tick encounters in their yard. Removing leaf litter, keeping your lawn moved, stacking wood piles neatly, removing bird feeding and removing low lying tree limbs and brush are important tools for maximizing the effects of the tick spray application and reducing the amount of ticks on your property. We then provide recommendations on what tick spray program will best fit their particular circumstances. Usually within a week we will be back to apply the first application.

While on the property you will see technicians with our logo on both their hat, shirt and vehicle. The average application takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes. We will knock on the door to let you know we are on the property and be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have. After surveying the property for any potential hazards or issues, the application starts. During the application, we ask that all people and pets remain indoors, that all windows and doors are closed, as well as any toys or food be put away. After the application is complete, a sign designating a pest control application has occurred will be placed in the yard stating when we were there, the re-entry period, and when the homeowner can take the sign down. After we leave the product takes about an hour to dry, and then your free to enjoy your yard again!


A tick spray application is not a silver bullet solution. By working together, we can maximize the success of the tick spray application program, as well as offer long term improvements to the property to ensure tick habitat reduction. While having zero ticks is impossible, Greener Grounds Tick Control can make help make your home a safer place, while also being safe for people, pets and the environment!

Greener Grounds Tick Control uses a product that is 25b exempt from EPA regulation. What does that mean? It means that the ingredients in the product have zero to minimal risk to people, pets and the environment.

Please email any questions to evan@greenertickcontrol.com or call 207-390-5628